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What is MyProplist?
MyProplist is a web virtual tour property platform that was created to overcome two of the most common problem of advertising property online, which are the expensive subscription fees charge by property portal and the excessive time taken to create quality advertise. With myproplist user will be able to:

Save Time

You have the choice to create the tours yourself, but if you don’t have the time, our professional creator team will create the tours for you (temporary only available in Johor Bahru).

Save Money

There is no such fees or commission paid to submit your property on myproplist with unlimited numbers of property submitted.

Earn More

Worry less about money, time spend to create tours, and focus more on closing more sales. Your client also, will be able to experience the property as if they had already present there.

If we are not charging anything, then how do we make money?

While our expert service costs you nothing, we know there is no such thing as a free lunch. We’re a business and that means we need to make money.

So instead of charging agent / negotiators fee, we are paid a ‘commission’ by the banks if you choose to submit your client loan application through us.

But bear in mind, this is not a compulsory thing although we believe it will be a great service so that you can focus more on selling rather than the hassle of mortgage application.


  • 8 scenes per tour
  • 6 month validity
  • Unlimited number of tours
  • Highly Interactive tours
  • 24/7 Live support
Submit Property
Product we offer

Fast submission

Submit your property easily in just minutes without having to upload any photos. Simply select the date of inspection and done.

No Download Needed

Web-based experience on any platform without having to download any application.

Immersive UI and UX

Easily navigate using home button, hotspot or the left-right button. Open the Slider bar to read more information about the property.

Build more Leads

Grow customer database by collecting theire information while they go around the property.
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What Our Clients Say
I love the fact that it is really flexible. I am able to share it with my clients through facebook, whatsapp, email or even brochures and the feedback has been highly positive.
Syafiq Rosli
Virtual tours are a big help in showcasing property, you will never know how helpful unless you try them.
Daniel Atif
You only know until you try it. Having virtual tour does help to save a lot of time showing the property.
Fakruddin Ismail